Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Other Side

We are so willing to orchestrate our own demise....
to allow distorted and unflattering visions of us
rule our beliefs and actions.

Why are we so adverse to seeing our beauty, 
our brilliance, our glory? Why does our capability
(and that of our fellows) frustrate and madden us so?

Courage is not evidenced in being an unwavering tower
of 'cool and collected.' It is being quivering jelly that is 
prepared for the consequences of taking a stance that
only we may understand.

When did we allow ourselves to believe the lies
of others--even those closest to us--about limitations
and short-sightedness and assuming our abilities fallow?

Yes, recognizing our innate goodness instead of constantly
feeding our society-influenced surpluses of guilt and shame is a
remarkable concept.  "Imagine....."

We are too innovative, too magnificent, and too glorious
to be sitting around decomposing and self-destructing.
There's nothing wrong with the basic structure; the problem
lies in our perceptions and assumptions, which have been 
trained to damn and condemn.

Let's stop tearing down, and start noticing the integrity and 
value of the structure as it stands.

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