Sunday, October 17, 2010

Credit Where Credit Due

I have no need of being understood by others

I am not validated by a specific means of income
nor am I only worthy when I am being 'glamorous'

My value is not supported or substantiated by
having many (or any) agree or stroke or praise me,
my appearance, my opinions, or my actions

I do not require a hefty bank account to know
that I have purpose and value to the world

I require no accolades or rewards for who I am;
knowing I have done my best is sufficient

I have much to offer the world, and the only one
who can convince me otherwise is within. I must
make the crucial decision every day to embrace
my greatness and act upon my unique vision

I love my body, my mind, and my soul exactly as
they are and as an integrated, whole, and perfect
system. I am a part of the Universe, and have a
crucial role to fill.

My views and understanding are comprehensive,
no matter how many others disagree or how fervently
they try to berate me.

I embrace a new and positive life for myself, free
from old expectations, negative tapes, and the
condemning criticisms of nay-sayers in the present.

My salvation, my restoration, my transformation are
entirely mine to command, and I choose to move
forward with life.

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