Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am whole, complete, and perfect just as I am
I do not require permission to exist
  nor to live my life as I am intended
I am unaffected by the ideas & actions of others

I am wholly me, without sensitivity to others' 
it is not my job to care for the needs of others.

I stand fast for my beliefs;
I am beholding to none, nor am I anyone's 

I say what I mean
I am creative and uninhibited
I am unashamed of my true self
I let no person steal my joy

Speak your mind...
Be compassionate, but not at expense of self....
Don't buy into the lies, no matter how many 
What does it matter what another thinks?
What does it matter what another does?
Don't waste time on anger and jealousy....

Be passionate...
don't hide your love to please another....
Spare no time for meaningless pursuits...
Ask for what you need...
Risk reaching out to another....

Release burdens...don't carry them around
Fight for yourself; no one else can.

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