Sunday, July 4, 2010

Find the Center

Will anyone be the least bit concerned
about how dour or serious I have been?
Has my heartache and discord affected
anyone but me in the scheme of things?

Let go....relax....enjoy.
It could all be over at any moment.
This is all whatever I choose for it to be.

Blocking out people and life and chance
means blocking out goodness and joy
and possibility.

I am open to everything...
(work in choice for this day)...
I hold on to nothing.....
(in this moment, one decision at a time)...
It will all be exactly as it needs to be;
it couldn't be anything else.

Good, bad, indifferent....
Regardless of my reaction,
life rages on.

Most times, I can only affect my responses.

Release the Past
Believe in the Future
Live in the Present

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