Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random offerings....

Many things can destroy. Only a heart can love...only a mind can choose hope...only a soul can heal.

If we focus on how we can help that person who's having trouble, rather than criticize their circumstance--or decisions that led there-- the transformative energies are amazing!

A person with a journey rather than a destination is always more fulfilled! Hang in there, kid! It's a constant unveiling...and we are all invited along to witness it.

A person of worry and a person of action can not coexist within a single body; eventually, one discipline must prevail.

If we spend our whole lives waiting for some miracle to occur, for some hero to arrive, we avoid the responsibility inherent in ourselves. We are that hero, waiting for our courage to manifest. We are that miracle, waiting for the opportunity to be birthed. The right time to risk is always now.

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