Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a little something I pulled together to say for myself before
my support meetings. I finds that I need to center myself and get
'right' in my head before I can interact well with others.

I'm a work in progress, and I am far from perfect. When I overlook
doing what I know I need to do, like respect others and myself by
acting intelligently and maturely, everybody pays the price.

Some of these are comments I have heard other wise people use, some
are my own thoughts, some are reinterpretation of written ideas put
in words that suit me better. The purpose of this devotion is to change
my old, stinking, self-involved thinking--not to be lauded as Shakespeare
or steal credit for good sense!

These are my goals, my intentions; I will falter. There are three very
important factors to remember when I fall;
1) Don't drink over it.
2) Get my ass back up (Don't quit)
3) Keep on coming back. A 'time-out' is different from 'game-over.'

Pre-meeting devotion

I choose to accept each and every member of this fellowship
as the blessed child of the Universe that they are.

I give myself permission to be free and honest and open
with my soul, and no longer depend on others' approval or
permission. I, too, am a blessed child of the God.

I allow others their resentments and judgments, knowing
it reflects on their real pain and suffering--their own issues--
and doesn't reflect on my value.

I will love these people as my Brothers and Sisters in warfare,
based on my understanding that it is the right thing to do,
not based on specific actions or words.

Through the grace God has bestowed upon me, I will learn to
channel that grace in my dealings with others.

Other people-- how they dress, how they talk, what they talk about,
how often they attend, their motivations, their habits, their involve-
ment, their reactions--are none of my business. My opinion of them
is neither required nor desired. I need not speak every thought that
enters my mind.

My focus needs to be on being the best person I know to be; nothing more.

I will love you in spite of yourself. I, too, know rage and fear.

I will love you when you pull away. I, too, know hurt.

I will love you when you don't reciprocate. I know not to take personally
another person's woundedness.

I will love you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

If I feel alone, I will approach you.

If I need attention, I will ask for it.

If I am feeling hurt, I will not accept it as fact.

If I feel the need to complain, let me be at peace.

Let me exemplify to others the calm and compassion I wish to experience.

Pain may be a part of the process, but misery is optional.

Just for this moment, let me be alive in life, focused on what is truly important;
and Kindness.

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