Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creative Visualization

The idea that the mind can alter reality is nothing new. There is still much resistance
to such a simple technique, however.

We are of a world where the physical, the immediate, the seen, and the majority are all prevalent. All else is dismissed out of hand. There is also a tendency to focus on the negative.
We are bombarded with negative imagery, talk, ideas, and people all day long.

Without proper guidance, motivation, or example, the negative seeming course of events can shape our minds. To dwell on the negative. To expect the negative. To focus on the negative at the expense of the positive. Even to interpret reality AS negative.

There is merely life; everything else, I bring to it.

One of the most damaging practices I see is to put emphasis on the road to salvation lying outside of one's self. Our betterment being dependent on the potential mercies of some supernatural existence. Salvation lies within.

Yes, there are forces and energies and things greater than us at work in the Universe. We have the ability--the choice--for those forces working either for us or against us. It isn't magic or voodoo; it's retraining the mind and emotions. We have to be open to possibility.

Every aspect of our live must undergo an overhaul. The thoughts we keep in our heads, the words we use with ourselves and others, the way we go about our day. The ideals we subscribe to, what we prioritize our energies for, the people we surround ourselves with.

Through changing my perspective on the matters at hand, the matter at hand is changed.

A death of a loved one is not an abandonment. It isn't something that 'happened' to you. It isn't part of a predetermined series of tragedies that is interfering with your life. It's the natural turn of the world; it happens. Devoid of any personal meaning.

A friendship ending is not a condemnation of your value as a person. It isn't the end of all future friendships. It doesn't make that friend a monster, or horribly wrong. It's just how things go; sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't.

The lack of permanence or consistency in life can scare us, since we've gotten so far away from embracing the natural flow of the world. We have the power to change our minds. We already alter the course of a day or events by maintaining negative, harsh, controlling, emotional stances. What could it possibly hurt to try talking to yourself without all the assumed pity, anger, resentment, criticism, and dread?

(see additional posts for specific ideas on changing patterns)

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