Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Been a Hell of a Week.....

And it ain't over yet, sweethearts.

As the seemingly universal suck-ass week continues, we soar headlong into a Full Moon
on the 29th. A full moon's pervasive intensification of moods and emotions takes place several days in and out of the actual designated Full Moon night.

(For those unaware, the moon has extreme influence over the human body and mind, since we humans are made up predominantly of water. Those of us with additional components prone to influence--mental disorders, addictive personalities, physical handicaps, emotional issues, etc.--are especially affected.)

The energies of the world, its people, its events...they do not happen in a vacuum. Once some tremendous wave of energy becomes manifest, it permeates other people, places, and things. We are all interconnected, and the possibility of 'picking up' excess prevalent energies is increased.

Where has it all come from? Where did it begin? What started this whole disastrous week of despair and heartache?

January was already the month where the highest number of break-ups occurred. Statistically speaking, relationships explode into nothingness this month as a result of a variety of factors. But is that not the result of other energies influencing destructive, apathetic behavior?

We just went through a rough holiday season where high numbers of people had to adjust to a completely new financial and sociological norm, feeling the sting of less income, no income, inability to provide for families, and other matters that can break a spirit in a heartbeat.

Maybe all the constancy of palpable animosity in this country over our President, the Health Care debate, the deepening schism of seemingly insurmountable disagreements between the 'Two Americas' has become too tiresome and pervasive.

Post-Holiday Season is also a big time for suicides and suicidal tendencies. People get despondent and discouraged, deflated and disappointed that a 'new year' has not started producing any (noticeable) significant changes to their liking. They start imagining that this perceived bad luck will continue endlessly. We become friends with 'worst case scenarios' and desolation.

The earthquake in Haiti was been a non-stop television spectacle for many. It's impossible to keep the imagery of such loss from affecting our subconscious, no matter how strong or jaded we imagine ourselves to be. The bombardment of such negativity and despair only leads to useless hand-wringing and obsessive negativity for many. The best thing to do is disconnect from what has happened and focus on improving what we can, placing our minds on the positive.

There are those in this country who have utilized fear and confusion to their own economic advantage. Preying on the masses, religious leaders and talk show pundits have beat the war drums, decrying that "The End is Near!" Tearing down is easier to do than building up; more profitable, too. The mob mentality of defeatism, blame, and presumed unavoidable catstrophe
is sucking the life force from our country.

We're also creatures open to the whims of fate, if we aren't dedicated to a chosen path of specific way of thinking. We are easily influenced by the world around us. When everyone at work is having a horrible week, somehow things in our lives start 'going badly' too, and we start to draw an unscientific conclusion that it's "just a bad week." There may be some truth in that, but it is not an unavoidable destiny.

We have within us the capacity for harboring any storm. We have the ability to detach from emotion and circumstance and determine for ourselves that we needn't give in to despair, depression, apathy, the sway of anger, hopelessness, or other dark thoughts.

Because when we allow our minds to be tainted by such temporary impressions, the decisions we make can have far-reaching effects that color and impact our future accordingly. This is not evidence that difficulties are unavoidable; rather it's proof that our outlook has direct influence on the manifestation of reality. We expect, and thus it transpires.

We have choices.
No matter how devastated we feel.....
no matter what tragedy has befallen us.....
no matter how many other 'bad things' have occurred this day/week/month/year/lifetime......
we don't have to give up.
We don't have to lay down and take it.
We don't have to be victims.
We don't have to erupt with anger.
We don't have to end jobs or relationships or other things of value due to despair.

Life is all things; the bad is part of the mix. It's not more important or less important
or irrelevant or all-encompassing. It just is.

Death, no matter the age or circumstance, is a part of the equation. Dealing with the loss, grief, rage and shock of it is part of the journey, too. If life were something that never ended, how would we be able to acknowledge the value of those lives that matter to us? How would we gauge the significance? If people were always going to be around, would we have any reason to care at all?

Sickness, hardship, losing prestige, stuff breaking, people betraying, hurt feelings, stubbed toes, split pants, broken nails.....they might all be copacetic on their own (or at least manageable) but when they team up on us? It can seem awfully much like a pattern. Like a conspiracy. It can knock us down, rob us of our will, weaken our resolve, and shake our foundation.

"And still I rise...." (Thank you, Maya!)

Choices make all the difference. We are all in this together; you are not alone. Somewhere, somebody else is going through hell too. Keep going. There is nothing that can happen on this earth which can defeat you...without your permission.

I used to aspire to 4 things for a day to be considered successful;
*Get through the day without:
-Killing someone else
-Killing myself
-Taking a drink or drug
-Going to jail

Now my standards are a bit higher. (I still maintain those four standards, though!)
I want to do more than survive; I want to thrive.

That's a choice I have to make before the shit hits the fan; I have to keep making that decision throughout every stumbling block and surprise that comes my way. I have the power, and so do you.

Believing in your ability and worthiness might be the first step you have to take.

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