Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who's Pulling Your Strings?

Get the whole world in your hands

Instead of feeding my old assumptions about the 'holiday season' 
this year, I relinquished all my old expectations.
I said farewell to other people's notions of what 'is'
or 'should be' and even my own childhood sense 
of loss for the reality that exists.
I just let go and let it be another day in the neighborhood.

And it was good.

I didn't go anywhere I didn't want to go, didn't surround
myself with anyone I didn't want to see, didn't get
involved in any activities/traditions/habits that
were not to my liking, and I felt not one single iota
of disconnect or detachment because I was not
"part of" this massive movement.
Because I'm not; I'm me..and only me.

I can do my thing and be the only person on the planet doing so, and that's cool.
I owe no explanations, and need no one's approval.
I can craft whatever kind of day or week I need
based on my needs, and not feel threatened
or left out or lonely. It's all an attitude.

One day has no more 'magic' than another.
I am not obligated to perform trendy rituals.
I need make no apology for my beliefs.
I needn't get upset about other people's foolishness.
The predictability of human drama is entertaining if you let it be.

Be the designer of the world you want.
Give yourself permission!


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