Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asking a Better Solution of Your Worries

If I am lonely, I will hold my own hand.....
If I am sad, I will know that it passes in time.
If I am disturbed, I will assess the source accurately.
If I am maligned, I will pay no heed.

If others dismiss me, I will know they are missing out.
If my dreams are not met, I will remember
that unmet dreams are a part of the journey,
and not a final outcome.

If I am scared, I will endeavor to understand why
and know that fear and worry is human,
but meaningless.

If I feel less than, I will know
that it is a lie, and change focus to embrace
all that is right with me. No one else's goals
are my goals.

If I feel left out or unattended, I will remember
that I am responsible for my own entertainment
and empowerment and education.
There are always books, music, movies
and other sources of connection
from like-minded comrades past and present.

If I begin to worry, I will remember...
that worry is weakness taught.
I will relearn a better solution to my
mind's turmoil.


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