Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Manifest Life: Act Two

So I had a bad habit of focusing on what was
'wrong' or what I lacked; I spent time and energy
talking about and thinking about weakness and
inability, perceived or real.

So I decided to become at peace with what 'is'
already to the extent that is possible, and trust
that what is needed will be provided by The Universe
(or I will find a way to bring it about.)

I had some serious need of clothing both for
work and personal, since funds had been so
tight, so I got proactive. I swallowed my pride
and asked a local woman who does work with
a clothes closet if she had anything in my size
(which is typically hard to fit) and she produced
a bag of clothes that fit me to a T!

No one else will know the clothes were donated
unless I choose to tell them. I am as grateful and
proud of those clothes as if I had sewn them myself!

The next week an acquaintance heard me talking
about how long I had made a pair of shoes last,
and we got to talking. She asked if I could use
some clothes, since she imagined her husband's
wardrobe would fit me. He had passed in the last
year. I graciously accepted to see if they would

That lovely woman brought down about four
huge garbage bags and laundry bags filled with
clothes; every possible piece and type of clothing
imaginable, and every one of them a perfect fit.

All that I had been doing without due to lack of
funds, I now had flush again; belts, robes, jeans,
dress shirts, and more, all beautifully kept! And the
style is a bit retro, which fits my sensibilities
perfectly, and they even have a scent that reminds
me of my Nana and Papa's house!

It was a great blessing that I am incredibly grateful
for, and it happened when I stopped being consumed
about what was 'not' and opened myself to what
could 'be.' I had a need, and I saw it being met,
and it was.


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