Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Manifest Life: Act One

So I had decided that, rather than sit here like a bump
on a log and complain about the lack of options catering
to me, I would change my outlook and begin choosing
a more empowering mindset.

I would start envisioning the kind of things I would be
interested in. I would see them as being possible Here,
Now, Where I Am, and no longer as 'unattainable.'

So I started empowering myself, believing it possible,
and drawing forth (prayer, if you like) from the Universe
artistic outlets and endeavors for my edification.

Every morning, I set forth what kind of day it would
be; Prosperous, Grateful, Genuine to Self, Empowering,
Courageous. Throughout the day, I renewed my

I agreed to stop saying "No" to everything, to stop
doubting and giving power to nothingness, and instead
create opportunity, draw opportunity, be ready for
opportunity, and to say "YES" to opportunity.

In the next week, an acquaintance approached me
at the library and asked if I would be available to
do a movie with him. I didn't hesitate. Unequivocally,
I said "Yes," and now have been involved in a great
creative outlet, as well as have new contacts, new
experiences, new opportunities that continue to come
through as a result!

We can have whatever we conceive,
if only we will believe.



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