Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Manifest Life; Act Three

I Am dedicated to Providing, instead of Seeking, these days.

I wanted something to do the other night, and receved a last
minute reminder of a local Open Mic and Poetry Reading.
When I got the message my first thoughts were "Oh, I am so
tired, and I don't have anything prepared-- STOP! Just go!"
I caught myself doing the opt-out thang that has kept me from
going or growing so often in life.

So I went home and got ready, and started putting myself
in another New Mindset for me; Spontaneity! Because one
of my biggest issues is in not feeling okay if I have not planned
something to Death. So I took the challenge of not having
something prepared as a challenge to be met! And I determined
to be a part of, rather than mere observer.

I embraced the scariness, I welcomed the burst of excitement,
I allowed my true self to conjure up some ideas, and I
walked into the Lion's Den!

"I AM Courage....I AM Ready....I AM Capable.
I AM Confident; I make it so.
I acknowledge the fear, and I act anyway!
I AM in charge of my interaction with life.
Right now....embrace...enjoy....step into it!"

I came up with a comedy bit that was impromptu, and I
was bold and outspoken and worked on all the things
that I want to improve, rather than giving in to them and
skulking away!

It was a big smash, everyone really loved the bit I did,
I met a lot of fun and interesting new people, and it was
actually one of the best nights in my life!

Afterwards, I went walking with a friend, and we met
a guy playing guitar at the park. I pushed into the
opportunity, asked to join him, and was subsequently
dazzled with hours of music and philisophical discourse!
I met someone who shares a lot of similar outlooks,

who also had an incredible demeanor that humbled me.

From one new bold outcome emits another, and
another, and......

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