Friday, January 7, 2011


This poem was read by a speaker I recently heard
whom I really related to. She was kind enough to
send me a snail-mail copy of this poem, which she
read at the end of her speaking. The author is unknown
to us.


I am a Survivor of Being 'Fixed.'

          a unique expression of God,
          a whole person in charge of my self-esteem,
          a lovable and loving person,
          flawed and talented,
          the only authority on my life experiences,
          responsible for myself and to myself,
          highly resistant to being fixed,
          and very courageous, for I am seeking a new way.

I DO need;
         validation of all my feelings to find my identity,
         support for my recovery to find my ego boundaries,
         love, to provide courage and change,
         a Higher Power to trust my innermost self,
         mistakes to find reality, limitations, talents, and priorities,
         anger to process grief and old ideas, for energy, and honor,
         pain to teach me willingness, acceptance, and honesty,
         willingness, to let go of the old and risk the new,
         acceptance, to find peace,
         honesty, that I can be myself,
         fear, to teach me humility,
         humility, to gain my power,
         power, that I can be a channel for love,
         laughter, to find joy,
         joy, to find intimacy,
         fun, to find balance,
         open-mindedness, to grow and flourish... and to ask for help.

With HELP I can;
         feel all of my feelings,
         choose appropriate behavior,
         fulfill my bonding needs,
         structure my life,
         take myself lightly,
         accept life on its terms,
         find my place and belonging,
         allow God to give me direction and purpose,
         have a zest for living,
         feel alive!

No More Fixing


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