Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

Good morning all.

Today..."What's my part?"

Sometimes, I forget how far my personal
responsibility extends.

*I get mad at others for not being as supportive
as I feel they 'ought' to be, but I don't express
my upset, nor do I ask for what I want directly.

*I assume I know what is best for someone, and
take it as truth; instead, it is my responsibility
to assume nothing, and to see that my judgments--
about others' actions or timing--don't help.

*My job is to know myself, and when I am
consumed by another or obsessed over details,
I am avoiding my responsibility to know how I
work and do my best job of handling my business.

*Instead of focusing on disappointment in how things
aren't...fantasizing, fretting, faulting, resenting....
why not work on accepting things as they are? Their
truth. Reality. Being at peace with whatever exists.
That's a healthier and more realistic approach.

*I have to be constantly reminding myself
that I am in charge of nothing; that control, comfort,
security, consistency, and dependability upon things or
people are an illusion....a beautiful lie. Only when I stop
resisting the way things are can I find peace.

*Things happen, and only I can apply a significance
or an emotion to them. I can choose to be happy
by not making anything personal. "Rejection" becomes
'someone else having the freedom to choose not to
spend time with me' when I let go of making things
personal. 'Hurt feelings' are a choice I make every time I
read something into reality that isn't there. What other
people do--or don't do--is none of my business.

Working on it.

Blessed hope for a serenity filled day for everyone.

Much love, Robert

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