Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just for this moment, here and now,
let me pray for the strength and acceptance
to cope with what is, exactly as it is,
rather than praying for selfish want-lists,
mystical alterations, and fantastical
material 'solutions.'

Perhaps it is my understanding of what life is
that needs to change.
Perhaps I merely need to know that
understanding is not mine to have, and maybe
it isn't as important as I perceive it to be.

What I want hardly ever leads to anything
productive nor effective; let me remain open
to the new reality of already having everything I need.
What I can do with my world and my attitude and
my blessings is on me.

Let me keep close to my heart that not every
blessing is gift-wrapped or kindly. Some of my best
blessings are trials, 'difficult' people, hardships, and
pains....designed to move and mold me and provide

Let me awaken fully now to the many sides of things
beyond what I see.

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