Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In My Sights

I was driving the animals to the vet's office yesterday and
there was a flurry of activity from some of the inevitable
post-rain mosquito army that had gotten trapped in
the vehicle.

The bloodsuckers were so aggravating
that I finally succumbed and began swiping at them with
my 'spare' hand, and of course the entire car swerved.

Even on a deserted road, the ease at which I lost
control and could have wrecked was heavy on my mind!

In just that quick a second, I was reminded that the driving
of the car was so much more important than the irritations
of the dozens of annoying bugs.

It synched in my head just how easily those minor
distractions can pull our notice from the larger, more
significant matters that need keep our attentions.

I've had an issue with neighbor difficulties of late,
and it had threatened to engulf my mind and emotions.

The incident with the car helped to remind me that
keeping focus on the real, core isssues will not
only prosper us in the long run, but keep the more
nonsensical errata from driving us nuts.


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