Thursday, March 15, 2012

Strength Training

If we feel weak, we do not become strong by
embracing weakness.

We must embrace and even seek
adversity. By allowing and attacking
situations that frighten and intimidate us,
strength is developed.

Stretching the bounds of comfort and
familiarity are the means by which to eliminate
weaker emotional muscles.
Weakness is not an innate, inborn trait;
it is a learned mindset, a bestowed-upon
ideation coming from lack of experience
or lack of faith in self.

Today, look deep in your heart
and know that you are capable of anything,
absolutely anything, that you have to be.

You can endure.
You can grow.
You can be strong.
You can overcome.

Knowing it leads to demonstrating it.

Start seeing yourself
and referring to yourself
as 'Strong' today.


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