Monday, January 16, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

In this moment, I can decide to be happy.

In this moment, I know that nothing is
important and has power over me, unless
I decide that it is, and it can.

If this is all that there is, I allow it to be enough.

I have the ability to make things nicer
where I am at right now, no matter how
temporary or difficult present circumstances are.

I pledge to Live my Life, active and present.

I cease giving energy and time to drains of
conflict and anger. I am still able to fight
when necessary, but I do not seek additional!

I will protect what is mine, and what is important
to me. I will not be a victim.

I can make the best of all that is, and still
work towards further goals. I can make
peace without accommodating.

Life is determined by my decisions and spirit.
No one can take that from me.


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