Saturday, January 7, 2012

Onward, Upward

All of us, at one point in our existences (if not more often!)
encounter a heartbreak--or betrayal of trust and faith--that
seems destined to ruin drain us of all possibility of
ever being upright again.

That's the nature of harm and hurt. So visceral, so all-encompassing,
it's difficult to see around or through the obscuring projection that
snarls us. We have vision and comprehension that is a victim of
temporary insanity; everything is tainted by the cruelties suffered,
and we can imagine little else.

This is an instance where time does indeed assist us, although
complete healing is a myth. We are forever transformed and altered
by every experience we endure. For good or for bad, we evolve.

We've all broken down and cried in the shower.
We've all sobbed and railed against the prospect of never knowing love.
We've all questioned our worth because rejection so mightily leveled us.
We've all sworn off love to protect our wounded heart.
We've all been obsessed with lashing out, lest we suffer alone.
We've all felt like the single solitary person so completely broken.

But all of this is infection of the heart and mind.

Allow it to be, keep perspective, and heal yourself.
We are never as unique as we imagine.
There's so much more to come on the journey.
You deserve to go the distance.


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