Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hit the Refresh Button

A daily renewing for our earthly shells

I AM blessed and favored
and ever so great..
I AM a wondrous creation,
connected to all beauty and love...
I AM meaningful, powerful,
pure and clear....
I AM happy by choice,
and free from fear.

I am fulfilled and grateful...
I AM decided....
I AM with purpose....
I AM responsible and
satisfied and content...
I AM always saved,
though I may feel spent.

I AM capable and strong
and provide for myself,
I AM deserving and
prosperous and open
to every good thing coming to me
and through me.

I AM claiming my rightful place
in charge of my own life,
amidst the fast and furious
flowing stream of  benefit and strife.
I AM whole, and it takes every one of
my precious broken pieces
to make it so.

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