Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All We Need

Every moment of solitude is Gift
to focus and clear and prepare
Every pain and attack is Clarity
of what is real and charade
Every deficit deemed by another
is merit less in our reality

This mind, this emotion, this mouth
mine to control
What establishes itself within
will come to pass in my dealings without;
Caution....cool and careful caution.

Aloneness is time to discover self
and recognize the labors that need doing;
Separateness is Blessing to determine true need.
We are easily lost and absorbed
when we make too much an appendage
of ourselves upon others.

Let the path within
not be distracted by the circumstances
of the external world.
Health, wealth, loss, hurt, worry, rejection;
none mean a thing in the scheme.
All that we need is inside;
Heart and Drive and Truth,
Rightness and Spirit
longing for accord.

I am divine.

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