Friday, June 10, 2011

Actualized, pre-emptive, and ready

The Hawk sits anxiously
upon his throne,
awaiting the time for war.

Patience, planning, purpose,
passion, and preparation
lovingly serve the preservation
of self against a world of detractors and

Let the judgment of the one-man
Council be swift, strong, suitable,
and serious.

Peace is a luxury for
fools and victims.
Only a submissive
accepts a status quo of
negligence and degradation.

Power is within,
established only upon
refusal of scraps, upon
venturing the step beyond.

Do the work.
Relinquish the past and all
Vanquish the opposition.

No excuses, no blame, no regret,
no worry, no emotion, no frets.
Choose to be set free,
and never look back.

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