Saturday, September 8, 2012


Overturning domestication and subjugation
is a process...
minute by minute., day by day.

The shackles didn't get attached overnight,
neither will freedom from them occur overnight.

Set yourself free.

Rise up today.

Life's too short to spend it avoiding, being afraid,
living someone else's dream, or settling for less
than you want.

Move forward, without regard to old allegiances
or the distractions of those who don't share your

Don't hate how it is...
strive for better, and be motivated by distaste.

Accommodation is not acceding. There has to be
some work within the system to achieve independence.

There is much that simply is....and no amount of upset,
countering, or empathy will alter that darkness.

Light a candle for yourself...the one person
who needs it most.


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