Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practice Steps

There is, or can be, much comfort
to be gained
from wearing the same jersey
or hollering the same chant
or gathering with like-minded folks
for a specific goal.

There can be solace in thinking
about the breadth and width
of a popular group of friends
available to reflect yourself
back at you.

Keeping tremendously busy
and scheduling away
every spare moment
of the day
is one means of effectively
commanding purpose
and even esteem.

the true test comes
at a point in life,
when walking alone
and yet not feeling alone...
when making decisions we stop
worrying about how others will
feel about them....
when we recognize the value
of  loyalty to self
above all else,
and not in a fearful
or apologetic sense....
that is when we discover
whether or not we can walk the walk.

Decide wisely.


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