Friday, April 22, 2011

Not all it's cracked up to be

Sometimes our fears manifest so regularly and 'normally'
that we do not see them as detriments, but rather normal
parts of life. Sensible, even. Especially when those fears and
complaints are driven and cultivated by those around us
the world at large.

Humans dislike discomfort and the unknown very deeply.
We have come to see our fear and avoidance of
death, sickness, misfortune, poverty, old age, loss,
despair, or depression as good things. The reality though
is that those 'negative' aspects are part of the fabric of
life. Just another aspect.

It's all part of the same ride, and you can't have one
without the other. Endlessly waiting for the 'good' and
hoping to avoid or ignore the 'bad' has become a pass-time
for many. We create sanctuaries to wall us in.

But we can't sanitize the world. We can't control people.
We can't block out the unwanted and construct the kind
of life that is smooth and palatable. Hardly anyone gets
the life they planned or hoped for, but maybe we can learn to
appreciate the life we get.

Comfort and ease is an illusion. An understandably tempting
and desirable one, but an illusion nonetheless.

Refusing to accept what is as what is leads to a weakening
of the muscles needed in handling pressures and hard

Spirituality isn'--for me--about being high or positive all
the time; the lows and the defeats are part and parcel a
mix of the journey. Being brought low and losing may be
the most powerful means of learning and getting stronger,
but it still hurts like a mother fucker to actually go through it.
There's no getting around pain in order for it to be

We can be sound and satisfied when the shit hits
the fan, but it isn't necessary. Composure is not a
prerequisite for survival. It can get's okay.

I am at peace with my incompleteness.

I am content with not knowing answers.

I am secure that I am not always secure.

The path is open to all variables, and I am
seeking to be open to all of them.

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